About Us

The True Story of The Mountain Rose Cafe

Gail Rorabaugh opened the Mountain Rose Cafe as an expression of her lifelong passion for food, friends, family, and the Colorado mountains.

A native of the Centennial State (Colorado, that is), her earliest culinary inspiration came from a childhood filled with the kitchen wizardry of her grandmother and mother.

When Gail moved to the Fraser Valley 17 years ago, she set forth to harness the spirit of the Rocky Mountains – the hard-core way. The intrepid pioneer climbed  half of the state’s 14ers, dabbled in ice climbing, guided wary day trippers down the Colorado River, and took up telemark skiing at the tender age of 25.

When she was not working on her humility training in the alpine backcountry, Gail’s adventure cravings led her into the trenches of almost every (it seemed to her) local restaurant. Here, she honed her fine-cooking-under-fire skills and met many gifted peers in the
colorful culinary sub-culture. Friends and family began to rave about Gail’s talent for bringing brilliant concoctions to the dining room table. In fact, grown men and women begged her to take them in, just for the pleasure of sitting at her breakfast table every day.

Gail is pretty busy with her own family these days, but thank goodness she still holds food, friends, family and the mountain life close to her heart as ever. Sit back as Gail and her talented culinary posse infuse their spirit of mountain adventure and good old-fashioned love into breakfast, lunch and dinner at The Mountain Rose Cafe.